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weather. how hot it would feel coming up. >> a few issues to talk about across baltimore city. we'll detail that coming up. we'll take you outside coming up after the break. hi parents, big year for spelling. here's what the kids will n-e-e-d. ♪ pens and markers, paper wide ruled. ♪ ♪ hoodies, sneakers, tape, sticks of glue.♪ ♪ large boxes pencils, highlighters. ♪ ♪ sneakers and t-shirts. ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeeeeans, yeah! ♪ ♪ notebooks and jeans! announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. >>> and we know when they start to get into if upper 630s and 70s we're going to start feeling it. we have a heat advisory to talk about so let me show you the yateses under the heat advisory that goes into effect at lunchtime today. basically every area in the orange color. that expires at 8:00 this evening but it could be reissued as we go into tomorrow because we still will be dealing with heat and humidity. temperatures this morning, we have 70 degrees -- [ no audio ] >> charlie, on to you. >>> who could kidnap cal rip
neighbors helped bring vi ripken to safety. safety.more trouble with aging . infrastructure." baltimore city streets, all of them are messed up!" up!"the big mess created by a large sinkhole. milder weather coming to an end.how high temperatures will soar tomorrow and a look ahead to the weekend in my skywatch f. forecast. and taking on-line dating to a new level. level.3239 dc sugar daddies have specific characteristics characteristics the matching making service that attracting quite a following. 3 "ripken homers in his fiial all star game"áánats of hitáá cal ripken... baltimore's baseball legend.his mother...áká ákidnappedá10:23:54 it was a bad 24 hours for everydoby... everydoby...tonight... a minute by minute look at what happened......the search for the suspect......and what that man might have been after. hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. gilbert.fox45 news has been following this story since police first issued a missing person's report early today. but... tonight, /// crime... and... explains... how... vy ripken... ripken... was missing... 1
the battle over a cable deal.why it lead to a protest outside baltimore city hall. on fox 45 news at five..3 3 3 3 3 3 3 armed... dandeeous... and on the loose.the search continues at this hour for the man who bound and kidnapped cal ripken's mother. mother.it's a story we first brought you yesterday when the missing person's report came out.megan gilliland has been covering this case from the beginning.. and is here with the latest twists and turns. good morning patrice,it was at this royal farms... that a stranger spotted violet ripken and her kidnapper... and thought it looked suspicious... when he saw her tied up. up.10:30:39 i guess the guy asked and he said she suffers from alzeheimers so i have her tied up to calm her down but the guy didn't buy it. it.she had been missing for 12 hours before anyone realized she was in trouble.she was bound and abducted at gun point in her own car.amid an intesive search... ripken was quietly dropped off by her kidnapper on the secluded street where she lives in abderdeen.no randsom note... no anything.in fact she told police she doesn't th
spotted in baltimore city. we are told these men have failed to register on a weekly basis. anyone with informational about them, call the police. >> new details tonight regarding the investigation into violet ripken's induction. the aberdeen police department has released a photograph of the suspect. david collins has the latest on the search for that man. >> this is a picture of the suspect. please ask, do you know this man? if so, give us a call. aberdeen police believe this is the man who abducted violet ripken at gunpoint outside her home on tuesday. all white male, 180 pounds with short brown hair and glasses. correct it enough that individual, we asked them to call. >> a team of agencies is working on the case. the ever been police department is in charge. authorities have not developed a motive. police say her hands and feet were bound with duct tape and the suspect drove for a round in her car for some 24 hours and then abandoned her and the vehicle in her neighborhood. >> i saw a white sweater being weighed outside a car window. i asked the lady inside and she needed help
that maryland live...and a future casino in baltimore city...will not be financially harmed...by a casino at the national harbor. others say the complex gambling bill should not be forced through the general assembly...in a two or three day special session.(carter) "to me, there's no reason that we can't wait and handle it with other business during regular session and have it on the 2014 ballot."(rydell) "neither house leaders nor the governor's office will say whether or not they have enough votes to get this gambling bill enacted during a special session. john rydell, fox45 news at 5:30." hundreds... gather downtown ...today.../ to... salute... baltimore's... college bound... seniors. seniors. the... annual ...collegebound foundation scholars... luncheon... was held ...this afternoon.../. our... very own ...patrice sanders... emceed... the event.....// the... foundation... provides... college advising... and... financial aid... to students... that... might not... otherwise... be... able to receive... higher education.../.
the sun. and emergency cooling centers are open in baltimore city, as well as several surrounding counties. we're also watching for the chance of storms in our region, as we take a live look outside right now. looks pretty. feels a lot different. let's go to bob turk right now. he's tracking the heat and first warning doppler radar. >> take a look at temperatures, still in the mid90s. d.c. just jumped to 100 degrees as you can see. but that dew point is so much higher. in fact, it's about 22 degrees higher than yesterday. so the 96 degrees we have right now and 100 in d.c., when you combine that with a high dew point, it feels like 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. d.c., 12 degrees warmer than yesterday but that makes it feel like 107 here and in d.c. yesterday at this time, it felt like 84. that's a big, big difference. 109 in pax river. 95 in ocean city, where it is quite a bit cooler. now, until 8:00 tonight, we have a heat advisory in effect. and to our north and northwest, severe thunderstorm watches until 10:00 tonight, including garrett county and some severe weather going on across
in the middle of a busy baltimore city street and could take weeks to repair. skychopper 13 was over the scene. bpw says a culvert from the 1930s gave way under the road. parts of monument street near johns hopkins hospital remain closed tonight. >>> could the shooting massacre in aurora, colorado, have been prevented? new evidence indicates that the suspect may have wanted to give advance notice before the deadly attack. >> reporter: investigators scoured the mailroom at the university of colorado and found a piece of mail from james holmes. a bomb squad handled it with a robot in case there were explosived inside. sources tell cbs news it was sent from holmes to one of his professors. in it, he talked about shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. the letter arrived days before friday's shooting but had not be processed out of the mailroom. criminal profilers say we may sigh more letters from the alleged shooter. >> particularly because of the complexity of the case and how much work this person put into these two different crime ands with, they appear to want
submit separate wish list bills. baltimore city wants to raise its debt limit to borrow more school construction money. >> the governor was put on notice this week. they vow to fight against any gaming plan. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a sinkhole and east baltimore st. forces dozens of businesses out of their buildings and it could take weeks to fix. have been around 1:30 this afternoon -- happened around 1:30 this afternoon. it backed up traffic for miles. kai reed is live in east baltimore with the latest. >> that sinkhole shutdown east monument street between patterson park and milton avenue. according to city officials, this will not be a quick fix. witnesses to call 911 said the road in the 2300 block of east monument street was caving in and they smelled gas. >> you could smell the gas really strong. now it has died off a little bit. >> the sinkhole was 10 feet in diameter and caused by old infrastructure, according to officials who said that a brick tunnel or colewort collapsed underneath the street. it was built in 1930. >> with all the bad storms we have had lately,
outside baltimore city hall. on fox 45 news at five..
apart the asphalt. >> this is the nature of the aging infrastructure in many large cities. baltimore is not an exception. >> reporter: a water main break two weeks ago. and yesterday, a 20-feet deep, 2-feet wide, and 6 feet long sinkhole, opening into a storm drain built into the 1930s. >> right now, we are sending a crew in to do a walk-in inspection of the large storm drain under the street. >> reporter: sky eye chopper 13 over the scene, showing a gaping hole in the middle of the street. causing confusion amongst pedestrians navigating their way on closed roads. >> just a little -- a few customers coming in. >> reporter: the city says it is taking the necessary measures to find and fix the problems. so far, crews have used a camera underground to look at the engage -- damage. scan water mains and check the sewer drains to make sure they're intact. >> it will give us an indication of what needs to be done in order to make a correction. >> reporter: but some say that correction will be just another temporary fix for a permanent problem. >> they need another system. >> i don't see wh
to a protest outside baltimore city hall. let your next trip to the grocery.. be on us.we're giving away be on us.to the grocery.. let your next trip to the grocery.. be on us. we're giving away 250 dollar giant giftcards. giftcards.it's our giant summer contest! contest! óóóóóó has 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 and claim their prize.if he/she doesn't call in... we'll draw another name... so stay tuned.you could still be a winner today! today!want to get your name in the box?just go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... become a fan and complete the entry form to enter.go to our website for complete contest rules. 3 3 3 the search is on right now for an the search is on right now for an armed and dangerous man who kidnapped cal ripken's mother.we've been following this story since the missing person's report came out early yesterday morning. morning.megan gilliland is here with a description of the suspect to look out for. good morning patrice,at this hour... local police... and the fbi... are hunting down the kidnapper. kidnapper. he's believed to
cannot be said for baltimore city. we have the huge sink hole that has monument street closed. we have east lombard add light street blocked. as you can see everything moving along just fine on the jfx at cold spring lane. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota has your best deal for today and tomorrow when you buy a car you have to look beyond the day you buy it. back over to you. >> thank you. >>> at the top of the news, the ripken family, violet ripken being safe. the search for her kidnapper continues. wjz has complete coverage. mike schuh is following the investigation and jessica kartalija has more on the mother's roll as head of one of baseball's most inflew end families. we begin with mike schuh live on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. billy and cal's mom held hostage for 24 hours. bound and put in the backseat of her lincoln, now police are looking for her kidnapper. >> it's just been 8:00 on tuesday morning a mask gunman confronts violet ripken inside her garage. >> she said she went to go in the garage and he w
and a few issues across baltimore city. certainly involving that sinkhole but the baltimore national pike. that's where we have an on going accident tying up lanes reducing speeds to 40 miles an hour. that's along 70 and 40 speeds down to around 40 miles per hour. slide that off down to the south and another issue to bring to your attention. again this is down along baltimore national pike. northbound from 95 to 495. so we will be dealing with that. outside we go for a live look. and we're starting to get jammed. westbound on 695. charlie? >>> and mike there's a sinkhole on monument street. for commuters it's going to cause problems this morning. it's the latest example causing damage to city streets. it opened up wednesday afternoon over a storm drain tunnel that carries water to the inner harbor. that drain dates back to the 1930s. >>> well, a man is supposed to be in jail was accidentally released. john planters was being held on assault charges and was mistakenly let out monday. police are now looking into what may have happened. we'll have more for you on this at abc2news.com. let's
preparing for baltimore restaurant week. this is an exciting event for the city of baltimore. we have been showing the dishes. what is the incentive for people to come out? >> restaurant week is a good time. you can eat your way through the baltimore neighborhoods. you can get a three course meal for $30.30. >> these are examples of the lunch menu. those would go for $15.12. some restaurants are offering five course meals. >> some restaurants go over and above what is asked of them. it might offer three courses for $20.12. some restaurants are offering four courses, but it varies. you can figure out what the best deals are. >> this is one of 95 restaurants participating. >> we had some great turnout and you confine all the restaurants on baltimorerestaurantweek.com. >> it would add up to more than $30. you can try something without breaking your wallet. >> this is a great weight to sample all the restaurants. thank you. restaurant week starting friday and going through the weekend. go out and sample some of the great food. yesterday was gorgeous. 87 degrees and no humidity. look what was g
which locations they hit but they say baltimore is one of 109 cities raided as part a huge operation. they busted businesses selling drugs like k2, spice and bath salts w he have been warning you about these for months and they can have devastating effects on the young and buy them without much effort picking up the packets at smoke shops and gas stations, even convenience shops. >> sold in real looking packaging, these substances are marketed directly to teens and to young adults with benign and catchy titles. >> the dea said that as many as 5 million packets of sin 94 i can drugs were take especially off the street as part of that round. >>> our septemberors have been tracking the use and dangers and all the local lives they have affected. you can find all that on abc 2news.com under the other feature stories right there on the home page. >>> on the heels of a series of reports our station in phoenix, ford just announced a recall for 48 5,000, 2001 to 2004 ford escapes and mavericks with three liter d6 engines. it stems the speed control carve issue that's been at the center of o
into details about what they found here but confirm baltimore is one of 109 cities involved in a giant crack down on those drugs, they are designer drugs like spice and bath salts. in city after city the scene was the same, agents with blacks of evidence. > thousands of pounds of product. we think we will have large sums of money. >> reporter: the dea raided targets across the country including in baltimore after a raid at this san diego business one man said he was always a bit suspicious. >> you come around and the big guy with the coat and goggles on in the parking lot. it's -- of course it makes you think. something not normal. >> reporter: the dea said the designer drugs can be found at smoke shops, even convenience stores and gas stations, often hidden and we spotted them while shopping last year as part of an investigation. >> sold in real looking packaging, these substances are marketed to teens and to young adults with benign and catchy titles. >> reporter: the drugs can cause extreme paranoia and violence, even death and we have told you some of the stories we have heard. the fe
for businesses "with all the money we pay in taxes to baltimore and the state of md this is ridiculous, ridiculous" ridiculous"that was just one of the many frustrated voices today...the city was forced to close 4 blocks from e. monument to milton street and more than a dozen businesses. you could really smell the odor of gas today, because the 15 foot sinkhole led to a broken gas line.the department of public works says this sinkhole was caused by a storm drain culvert...that acted like a washing machine...underneath the road, swirliig tons of water and trash. the culvert was installed all the way back in 1930. and this rood closure today obviously caused quite a bit of traffic...and anger: "the police open door and said ...everyone get out of neighbor" neighborhood""losing their damn mind, people pay taxes, i got to go shopping!" plan to open sidewalks up tomorrow...when its safe, the city will take cameras and crews underground to see how bad the damage is...as for this road...it could be closed for weeks.live in east baltimore, janice park fox45 news late edition. angry... resid
... slash raw news. police are trying to identify a human skull found in carroll park in southwest baltimore.a hiker spotted the skull in this wooded area behind hilton avenue tuesday.no other remains were found.the skull is now at the medical examiner's office for forensic testing. city residents were overcharged ánine millions dollarsá for water use ... according to a city audit. audit.the city cites many problems including faulty meters and human error.but the head of baltimore's bureau of water is telling the mayor the problem is being corrected. (mayor) "these problems did not develop overnight and therefore we all know it will take time to correct, however this administration, my administration is committed to invest in improving this vital resource." customers have recieved more than four million dollars in refundsbut many other residents are still due an extra five million. a sinkhole closes streets, breaks a gas line and evacuates businesses near johns hopkins hospital. and this morning the real work begins in trying to solve the problem. we were there just after it happened ye
a chance to experience restaurants that they may not normally go to. check out new things in the city. >> reporter: baltimore's restaurant week continues for 10 days and includings two weekends. so make your reservations early. >> it's a wonderful opportunity for us. we know that during restaurant week, a lot of customers we see are new faces. and that's a great opportunity for us to do what we do best. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> and we'll do what we do best as customers, and that's eat. this is baltimore's seventh summer restaurant week. for a complete list of participating restaurants, log onto our website, wjz.com, and click on news. >>> coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. >> take a deep breath. >> electronic tlc. see the latest in doctor care that may be coming to a hospital near you. >>> a petri dish of germs. where bwi falls in a survey of disease-spreading airports. >>> and it's a sticky afternoon. bob has the latest on the heat advisory in his first warning forecast. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stores on wjz -- stories on wjz.com, instant [ barks ] [
in baltimore. 74 in ocean city. this has been a good summer to be down at the beaches. need any relief you can get. sentinel radar, we are quiet here in the immediate washington area. off to the north and west there, southwest pennsylvania, you're going to have some thunderstorm activity. that is the leading edge of that warmer air that will be moving in here shortly. so, yeah, there could be a few clouds or a little bit of thunderstorm activity if you are well off to the northerly this morning. then we are just generally going to be sunny and hot today but very hot. we have a heat advisory which goes into effect at noon. it will feel like 105 later this afternoon when you mix in the humidity. there could be a few isolated storms later today and anything that gets going in 100-degree heat can be strong. >> thank you. >>> time to toss things over to julie wright and see how things are going on the road. already busy right, with the beer struck. >> with the beer struck. you got that right. folk even hitting mere up on twitter asking what they can do to help with the clean-up. as hot as it's goin
is the time to do it. it will get hot here shortly. 70 in baltimore and 74 in ocean city. we do have i thunderstorm complex in western maryland and parts of southern pennsylvania. we have to watch that. some of that cloud cover could get into the area. other www.wbz4.com, we are expecting hot sunshine today, breezy conditions out of the south and west at about 10 to 15. our actual daytime highs and the possibility we could see a few late storms redevelop and any time you are looking at temperatures like that, any storms that get going could be strong. just be ready. 100 in washington. 101 in fredericksburg. 99 in waldorf. >> another hot one. >> it will get better from here though. >> on the five-day forecast. >> something to look forward to. >> let's say good morning to julie wright again and check in with her. >> i see the beer truck is still out there. >> we think it's bud. >> that is what i was wondering. >> i know you news anchored wanted to know all the detail. question is is it bud light. we are checking in with the crew in sky fox. this thing overturned around 4:00 this morning
have closures in the city at monument street. light street is closed between baltimore and lombard. drive times, 11 minutes on the outer loop north east side. running smoothly on 95 from the 895 split down to the fort mchenry. here's a quick live look at traffic. southbound traffic and no real delays to report. prime is starting to build. no problems at the area bridges. the j.f.x. checks out just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a bizarre story still unfolding about the reported abduction of the mother of a cal ripken jr.. >> she is now safely back at home with her family. kim dacey joins us live with more details. good morning. >> police say the suspect is a white man in his late 30's or early 40's with glasses and wearing a light shirt. they say he should be considered armed and dangerous. cal ripken jr.'s mother has safety been reunited with her family. police say a gunman showed up between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning and forced her into her own car at gunpoint. >> she goes to mcdonald's every morning and that is when he accosted her in the garage. >
% in foreclosures in cities such as philadelphia, chicago, new york, tampa and baltimore. but in the west, not so much. and that's where most of the investor activity is. sue? >> diana, thanks. >>> facebook shares trading below the ipo price of 38 bucks. social network set to report the first quarterly results as a public company today after the closing bell. of course, we'll have it for you. where do you think facebook's stock will be one year after the listing? give you the yahoo! finance poll results after a quick break. we are up 200 points on the dow jones industrial average. 255 to the plus side the high of the day and the market's holding up well with confirmation of the transports and utilities. we're back in a moment. >>> coming up at the top of this hour, former zynga bull with the green light on "street signs" after the ipo joins us for an mea culpa on the sinking stock. front lines of strong earnings there and the real story on jcpenney. we were all over the big spike yesterday. it was touched off by a tweet. see the power of tweeter. back to "power lunch." >> we'll be watching, mandy
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-70, we had a crash on southbound 29 at baltimore national bank. 22 miles per hour on the outer loop. continued closures in the city due to a sinkhole on monument street. let's take a live view of traffic. here is what it looks like on the harrisburg expressway. delays from timonium to the beltway. j.f.x., pretty good shape into account. john has a check and a forecast. >> we are beginning to pick up a few clouds around big area. storms approaching frederick and into the east. rain is moving in in the next hour or so, and during the rest of the day, a chance for rain as well. is up.nt forecast for today, scattered showers and thunderstorms. we look at the seven-day forecast. strums on friday, temperatures back off a little bit. by and large, the weekend looks great. by the time we hit wednesday, chance of summertime thunderstorms. >>> back now in london on a thursday morning, it's the 26th day of july, 2012. there is the famed tower bridge and something about al. he had a thing for the george washington bridge back in new york and now he has decided he wants to open the tower bridge.
by the gunman only to be found 24 hours later near her home outside of baltimore. she says she doesn't belief her abductor knew she was part of a bass ball family. rick leventhal from the new york city newsroom. >> reporter: he apparently wanted money and a car but had no idea how valuable his hostage was. early tuesday morning a 74 man with a gun bound her hands and feet with duct tape, put some kind of mask on her and drove her around central maryland for almost 24 hours. then parked near her home. got out of the car and walked away. police apparently learned of the abduction when a witness spotted vi tied up in the back seat of a lincoln continental at a gas station some 13 hours of after she was taken. >> a guy saw her tied up, her hands. she said why is she tied up and she said it's my mother and she has alzheimer's and we have to keep her under lock and key because she wanders off. he thought it was suspicious and called police. >> reporter: vi said the man didn't know she was the matriarch of one of america's baseball families. her son is former baltimore oriole cal ripken nicknamed ir
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